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Who We Are

Healthy Snacking Begins Here!

Sunbird Snacks ® is your good tasting, healthy alternative for you and your family. We’ve been creating nutritious, delicious snacks and snack mixes for over thirty years. We search the world for unique and exotic foods to combine with our highest quality nuts and dried fruits, so we can offer you great tasting, healthy snacks that even your kids will love!

At Sunbird we have snacks for every taste: Delectable Low Fat and Fat Free varieties. Mixes with No Added Salt or Sugar. Creamy Chocolate and Yogurt Coated Fruits and Nuts. All of your favorite Crunchy Snacks in Spicy, Nacho, Wasabi and Hot flavors.

We do all of this in our hometown of Buffalo, New York. You remember Buffalo… SNOW, Chicken Wings, Good Food and Great Snacks! We’re busy making the best snacks you can buy anywhere, and we owe all of our success to you, our customers!